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The Main Symptoms of Black Mold

18 April 2015 No Comment

Black mold symptoms can present itself in various different ways in your house. It is important for you to know these symptoms to be prepared when something inside your home can cause the growth of black mold. We are talking about a mold, which is highly poisonous and can lead to slight allergies but also to serious health conditions. Once you are familiar with black mold symptoms, you surely know for sure what to search for.

It well worth to look for black mold symptoms if the humidity level of your home is high. A humidity level of over 55% is an ideal situation for the occurrence of black mold. It is very important to keep in mind that you might not even be aware of the presence of poisonous black mold inside your house, until you or a family member gets sick. Furthermore, the black mold symptoms can be easily mistaken with asthma or a sinus-like infection, without immediately associating it with poisonous mold.

As we all know, in most cases the pipes of a house are mainly to be found in the basement. In such case, the moisture on the pipes is usually unnoticed for a long time. Most probably, you are not going to detect any black mold symptoms until you run into some water pipe related problem. Always hire a professional to do your Colorado Springs water damage restoration. Whenever a leak is spotted, most people simply fix the leak, without bothering to check for symptoms of black mold and thus without taking any measures to eradicate it. The professionals at Avalanche, for example, can remove any sign of moisture and prevent the mold from happening in the first place.

The early symptoms of the poisonous black mold are musty smells or odors, because it generally grows in areas that are to reach for cleaning or are hardly visible. A musty smell is not always the symptom of poisonous mold in the house, but it should be considered a warning sign to urge you to check if you have black mold. In case the air conditioner is in use and there are still odors in your home, you have a major toxic mold symptom.

Another common symptom of black mold is the presence of generally yellow stains on the walls of the room. Greenish color is another characteristic of black mold and if you notice stains on the paint or under the wallpaper, you definitely have a mold problem. If the paint starts to fall down from the walls of the room due to excess moisture, that is another symptom of black mold. Consequently, you need to take proper measures to get rid of your black mold problem.

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